Brass Split Bolts Line Taps

We are engaged in offering Brass Split Bolts Line Taps, these are manufactured using high-grade brass along with the latest technologies and machines following international standards. In order to meet the requirements of customers, we offer these bolts in all sizes and dimensions.

Brass Split Bolt, Brass Split Bolts Brass Line tap, Split Bolt, Split Bolts We manufacture and export Brass Split Bolts, Brass Line tap. Our range of Cable Glands and Brass items also includes Brass Split Bolts.

We meet all the technical and quality control to deliver the best split bolts by using thorough processing and testing of the split bolts before it reaches the customer or the user. We use a very high quality of material to strengthen the life of the split bolts in all respects

We also manufacture custom made split bolts apart from our regular sized and commonly used

Conductor mm 2 CD A / F Product Code No.
10 4.50 BCI-10
16 6.00 BCI-16
25 6.90 BCI-25
32-35 8.10 BCI-32
50 9.70 BCI-50
70 11.2 BCI-70
95 13.6 BCI-95
100 14.0 BCI-100
120 15.0 BCI-120
150 16.6 BCI-150
185 18.2 BCI-185
240 21.4 BCI-240
300 23.7 BCI-300
400 26.2 BCI-400
500 30.1 BCI-500
Brass Split Bolts Connectors specification followed: Brass Split Bolts or Split Bolt Connectors or Brass Line taps and Copper Line Taps Split bolt connectors: Available as per customer's specifications

Freecutting brass is 319 type (i) or Free cutting brass as per BS 249 type (i) or High grade free cutting brass

Any special brass material composition as per customers requirement

ISO Metric (MM Threads) or any threads as per custom design.

Any size as per custom design or requirement.

Finish and Coating :
Natural or Nickel Plated, Tin Plated or any Coating as per customer specification.

We are listed as one of the most staggering Brass Split Bolt Manufacturers in India. Various national as well as international clients are placing bulk orders for the Brass Split Bolts due to the unmatched quality and unsurpassable performance. moreover, availability of the Brass Split Bolt Connector in varied sizes, finishes and dimensions have also played a vital role in the enhancement of the demand.